Internet Of Things


IoT communications are made possible by inserting a SIM card into a device or machine and then using that SIM to transmit data from one device/machine to another. These SIMs can be used in pretty much anything, for pretty much anything, from transmitting GPS information, to extracting data from wind turbines.

Rather than thinking about IoT as a way to connect ‘everything to everything’, you need to consider the value this technology can add to your specific business needs, and that’s where comes in. With bespoke, flexible packages and the O2 networks behind us, we can give you the best 4G coverage in the UK, including SIMs with roaming features across all networks and the ability to customise and bespoke your tariff to create the right package for you.


No business can afford to be complacent about the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. This innovative technology is creating new opportunities for businesses to push the boundaries and deliver new, disruptive services ahead of their rivals.


Commercial: IoT

We use standard plastic in both Mini and Micro sizes.

Industrial: IoT

 With enhanced silicon capabilities and a high temperature plastic housing. We can measure a longer lifespan and reliable performance in harsh conditions.

Solderable: IoT

For use in a surface mount machine for placement directly onto Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s); for use in harsh environments, or in solutions with space or security constraints. Monitor and control the functionality and performance of the SIM.